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Hello, Welcome and Thanks!

Writing this, my first post of my first blog, is actually quite a tough task and so as a result this will probably end up being quite a brief first post…

Anyway, I have decided to create this blog because I follow quite a few other online blogs, yet now I feel I want to get more involved in the lightweight outdoor community and share some of my own views on gear, routes and experiences regarding lightweight trekking and camping. Over the foreseeable future, I shall be uploading plenty of content aimed at just this. I hope that the combination that I’m: (A): based in the UK and (B) a lightweight trekker, will mean this blog offers something a little different from the many other ultra lightweight / lightweight blogs out there.

For now though, I really appreciate you taking the time to check this out. I hope that you do return soon to view my future posts, other content and general lightweight outdoor musings.


Lightweight Outdoor Gear Blogger

(I told you this post would be brief!)