MSR MicroRocket Review

MSR MicroRocket Review:

From a glance you would be forgiven for thinking that the stove pictured is the exceptionally popular MSR PocketRocket. In fact, this is MSR’s newest smallest and lightest stove: the MicroRocket. Weighing in at 73 grams on my scales this new stove sure is lighter than its older counterpart (by 13 grams in my case) furthermore the new MicroRocket is also considerably smaller in its packed form compared to the PocketRocket.

This however does not mean that performance and practicality suffer as a result of shaving the grams off. MSR have clearly listened to their customer base on improving the stove’s design and functionality. For example, the niggle that the pot supports on the PocketRocket were a little too small and unstable have been negated here, in turn despite its small size and lower weight, the MicroRocket sports larger pot supports, yet it still feels study and robust, so much so that in my opinion it feels stronger than the PocketRocket. Quite an achievement!

Having only been released at the start of 2012, and myself having only had it for a short period of time, I cannot comment fairly regarding the stove’s level of gas consumption in regard to efficiency and boil time. Anecdotal as this may sound however, from the limited use I have had with it, there is no noticeable drop off in performance from the original PocketRocket. (Have you noticed already that I am smitten by this thing?)

Also included in the box is a 13g Piezo Ignitor, I’m not sure what to make of this yet; I think I may just continue to carry a Mini Bic or similar regular lighter instead which normally weight in at 10g for me, but I’ll give this a chance and I’ll aim to post a follow up review in the future, after its had some good use.

So, I presume you’re wondering: ‘what’s the downside?’. Well it certainly isn’t the price; at a very respectable £39.99 it compares well to to other competitors such as the Optimus Crux. Furthermore, the packaging and instructions make it feel like money well spent. Also, with the Piezo Ignition and case included it definitely feels like value for money. But there it is, the case. So after all of MSR’s expertise going into not only extending the size of the pot support circumference, shaving off the grams and compacting the pack size, their hard work is undone through the excessively heavy weight of the case. Weighing in on my scales at 36 grams it sure isn’t light, but somehow weighs more than the larger sized original PocketRocket case. Very strange. In reality though, if you are concerned enough about spending out for a ridiculously light gas stove, you’re probably not going to carry the case with you in your pack (I for one certainly don’t) so it is not really too big  of a negative factor, but still it seems curious that for all that time effort and skill spent going into making a brilliantly light, well designed piece of kit to then be undone by the unnecessary weight of the case? Anyway,  I feel I’m now ranting and so I shall move on…

So to give somewhat of a summary, I think this is a fantastic piece of gear and it has immediately earnt it’s way into my pack. The MicroRocket has everything the PocketRocket has, yet also manages to shave weight and fit into a smaller space. It’s hard to see how the PocketRocket will contend with the Micro from now on, as I cannot see any reason why anyone would buy the Pocket over the Micro (lightweighters or not). In the long term it will be interesting to see how I fare with the Piezo Igniter, especially considering a Bic Mini or similar lighter is cheaper, weighs less and I don’t feel so bad about losing one of them! I won’t get started on the case again because who knows when I’ll stop harking on about that, hopefully I described my thoughts on that adequately enough earlier on in the post) All in all though great stove, great price and great build quality. It will be staying in my pack for the foreseeable future and shall serve me many a hot brew and meal! ( I hope… )

If you have any questions, feedback or comments please leave them below.

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2 responses to “MSR MicroRocket Review”

  1. John Quarmby says :

    I just roll mine in a j-cloth. Save space & weight and cloth has other uses. Case lives in junk box, but not sure why!

    • Light Outdoor Gear Blogger says :

      Good idea John. I’ve got my MicroRocket wrapped up in a small segment of a light weight towel. It protects the stove, but as all of my cookset (gas, stove etc.) fits within my one pot, it also helps to stop any rattling.

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