Starbucks VIA Italian Roast

Starbucks Via – Italian Roast:

Just a short one today.  I thought I would give a mention to one of my pack staples: combined instant-microground coffees, specifically Starbucks Via. I love drinking coffee when out and about, and over the past few years a number of lightweight high quality ‘instant-esque’ coffees have come to market. These combine microground real coffee with soluble instant coffee. I’ve samp

led many including Kenco’s ‘Millicano’ and Nescafe’s ‘Azera’, but I found that my personal favourites are the Starbucks options. I’m in no way a Starbucks fanboy, but I found that these little sachets offer the most realistic flavour. My favourites of the range are the columbian and italien blends, the itallian is distinctly stronger hence the ‘extra bold’ on the sachet oacket but this really helps to wake me up on a wet tent morning. The comlumbian flavour is much more subtle and nutty and makes a great afternoon kickstarter. I should point out that these are in no way a substitute for real filter coffee, however at under 3 grams per brew in my pack they are convincing enough to allow me not to take a proper filter set and take these instead.

Oh yeah… price. Well the Starbucks happen to be the most expensive of all these coffees, but give a few a try and get a taste for your own favourites. I bought a load in bulk and so they work out to around 45p a cup. The Nescafe and Kenco alternatives are much more affordable at around half that price, so you could save yourself a small fortune in the long run if you get a taste for those instead…

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4 responses to “Starbucks VIA Italian Roast”

  1. Howard Meyerson says :

    Having perked, filtered, french-pressed, cowboy-boiled and gold-filtered ground coffee for many years, the Starbucks packages can’t be beat for weight, bulk, prep time, clean-up and fuel consumption when backpacking or canoe-tripping. Indeed they are more expensive. I buy them at Costco in bigger quantities. They are far superior to every other instant I’ve tried.

    • Light Outdoor Gear Blogger says :

      Couldn’t agree more, very well said Howard. I think soon I’ll compare a wider selection of these combination instant/ground coffees. Since writing this post a few more have appeared on the market.

  2. Backpacker Dane says :

    I prefer my own blend. I mix Nescafe with sugar at home, and drink that on my hikes. I never calculated if it is cheaper this way than if I would buy Starbucks or the Nescafe Azera. It works for me though and it is probably not a lot more expensive.

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