Quick Fix: Mobile Phone

The trend in modern mobile phones is towards media based devices centred on internet connectivity. As a result devices are larger, often heavier and tend to have much shorter battery lives. This isn’t as good for me as a lightweight backpacker, and so rather than carry my normal phone with me on the hill, instead I now carry a small basic model which I picked up for the princely sum of £10 (including a SIM card). It’s a basic, no frills mobile phone that only makes calls and texts – simple! To me, it has many benefits over my usual phone:

  • Weight Saving: The device is extremely light, weighing only 66 grams(!), that’s less than half the weight of my current ‘everyday’ phone at 130 grams.
  • Size: This phone is also much smaller, taking up much less bulk in my pack.
  • Durability: The device feels sturdy and has robust rubberised buttons that can be used easily with gloves on, and has also survived a few drops.
  • Peace of Mind: At £10, I’m really not too worried about whether the phone gets wet or damaged within my rucksack.
  • Superior Battery Life: The battery life is vastly superior to my everyday phone, on standby I’ve found the phone has remained powered for over ten days without requiring charge, unlike my other phone which needs to be charged every other day.

Changing the phone I take out onto the hill has proven to be quite insightful to me, as it has once again proven to me that examining every piece of kit in a lightweight backpack is really beneficial, not just to save weight, but also in analysing and maximising the usefulness of every piece of kit in my pack.

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2 responses to “Quick Fix: Mobile Phone”

  1. Robin says :

    That’s a good idea if you only use your phone as a phone but I use my iPhone as a GPS as well, so I save weight by having one gadget rather than two. The iPhone also has functionality as an MP3 player and Kindle reader, so it’s quite handy. I use a Lifeproof Fre waterproof case as well, so I can use it in bad weather whereas a cheap stand alone phone might fail. At the moment I don’t use it as my main camera, but that would save weight as well.

  2. Backpacker Dane says :

    This can be a great phone for backpacking. If you can use the buttons with a glove on than it can be a real godsend. I was looking for a cheap and durable option as a backpacking phone, because i am afraid that my android will be dropped into a pond and I will loose all my important data.

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