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Blog Update and Lifeventure Travel Mirror Review

First off, apologies for the drought in blog posts, work and time constraints have limited me somewhat, but I do check for comments/ feedback on a regular basis, so feel free to ask questions, suggestions or provide your own tips or advice, I will endeavour to respond to them all. I have a few more posts lined up for the near future including an ultralight sleeping bag review, down mid-layer comparison and waterproof over-trouser write up. Thanks for checking out this blog, please favourite/bookmark and feel free to comment or ask questions.

Thanks once again,

Light Outdoor Gear Blogger

Now it’s time for a no doubt enthralling mirror review?!:

Lifeventure Travel Mirror Review:

I recently picked up a new lightweight  mirror to add to my kit bag. OK, so this doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting of purchases, however this mirror completes a long search for a lightweight field mirror solution.

No, I am not incredibly vain whilst on the hill, rather the mirror serves two main purposes. Firstly, I find a mirror to be exceptionally useful to inspect injuries, cuts, splinters and stings. Secondly, should any tech devices malfunction,  it can be used as a signalling device in potential emergency situations. Oh, and it is also a useful tool to help shave and clean yourself up with… *Cough* Vain *Cough* ! For these reasons though, I really think it’s worth carrying a mirror in my pack, but like most kit carrying decisions it’s subjective to your own personal preference.

Finding a decent quality mirror for trekking / hiking use is surprisingly difficult.  I originally used to use a piece of acrylic mirror that had come out of a military camouflage paint pack. It fulfilled the criteria of being lightweight (weighing approx. 16 grams) but provided a really poor, blurred reflection. It was also really fragile and the painted mirror surface flaked and scratched in no time at all. Following this, I switched to a compact glass mirror which was a vast improvement in image quality, but the weight penalty shot up to 46 grams. This has bugged me for a while and has been an item on my kit list  that has been flagged as excessively high for a long while.

The Lifeventure Travel Mirror weighs in at 17 grams on my scales, features a 3 gram scratch pouch and a neck/carry cord. I ditched the cord straight away, and so the combined weight penalty for my pack is 20 grams. Being made out of stainless steel, it feels really sturdy and has so far proved very durable. It’s an ideal size and for £5 is relatively well priced. All in all, this has been a great pick-up and has finally reduced the weight of an item on my kit list that has bugged me for a while.


Hello, Welcome and Thanks!

Writing this, my first post of my first blog, is actually quite a tough task and so as a result this will probably end up being quite a brief first post…

Anyway, I have decided to create this blog because I follow quite a few other online blogs, yet now I feel I want to get more involved in the lightweight outdoor community and share some of my own views on gear, routes and experiences regarding lightweight trekking and camping. Over the foreseeable future, I shall be uploading plenty of content aimed at just this. I hope that the combination that I’m: (A): based in the UK and (B) a lightweight trekker, will mean this blog offers something a little different from the many other ultra lightweight / lightweight blogs out there.

For now though, I really appreciate you taking the time to check this out. I hope that you do return soon to view my future posts, other content and general lightweight outdoor musings.


Lightweight Outdoor Gear Blogger

(I told you this post would be brief!)