Dr Bronner’s 18-in-One Peppermint Soap Review

Dr Bronner’s 18-in-One Peppermint Soap Review:

Dr Bronner’s 18in1 soap is a staple of the ultralight community. I recently read a great review of the soap’s purported many uses by Alison Pels (this can be found at http://brokelyn.com/tested-the-crazy-alleged-uses-of-dr-bronners-soap/). Here Pels takes a great look at what this soap can be used for, so rather than provide a second rate intro to the product, try checking out the above link for a more comprehensive report.

In a lightweight pack Bronner’s earns it place by becoming a great do it all wash kit item. For me it acts as a soap (obviously), cook kit cleaning liquid, washing detergent (should the need arise) and toothpaste (well, liquid rather than paste). When stored within a sterilised eye dropper bottle (thanks Brian [http://www.briangreen.net/2011/03/eyedropper-bottles-ultralighters-friend.html]) the total weight penalty for all of the above uses within my pack totals a mere 18 grams.

In active use, it’s hard for me to think of anything replacing this in my pack any time soon. Ok, so the taste isn’t fantastic when brushing your teeth (even in peppermint flavour), but when only using a couple of drops, there is no lingering soapy taste that many other bloggers have commented on. It really seems to go a long way: although I carry 10ml of it, I still have some spare following a 3/4 day trek. I’ve only ever bought the peppermint flavour, but I think I may try some of the others available next time, as I found that when used as a soap on a cold early morning, peppermint flavour feels a little biting on the skin.

In my opinion, Bronner’s is an iconic item of an ultra / lightweighter’s pack. Using it pushes that boundary between comfort and weight-saving. For me, after taking the plunge and giving it a try, it has earnt it’s place in my pack and I can’t imagine that changing any time soon.

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